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Department Heads

Head of English Department Mrs. Noha Nagy

Head of Math Department Mrs. Basma Ryad

Head of Computer Department Mrs. Hebatallah Ibrahim

Head of Science Department Mrs. Amany Ismail

Head of Arabic Department Mr. Medhat Taha

Head of French Department Mrs. Nevien Shawqi

Head of Deutsch Department Mrs. Sarah Abd El Sattar

Head of Social Studies Department Mrs. Rasha Mohamed

Head of Quran Department Mr. Afifi Mostafa

Head of Music Department Dr. Naglaa El Sergany

Head of Art Department Dr. Nervana Ahmed

Head of PE Department Mrs. Hanan Ibrahim

School Psychologist Mrs. Dalia Abd El Azeem

Curriculum Consultant: Mrs. Naglaa Fawzy

Naglaa Fawzy is currently working as a professional development consultant and curriculum design and development professional. She is a professor in the Graduate School of Education (GSE) teaching the Professional Educator Diploma courses (PED). She is specialized in “Leadership and Management”, “Assessment”, “New Teachers Preparation Programs” and “Curriculum Design and Development”.

With more than 25 years of experience in education, Mrs. Nagla has experience as a K-12 teacher and administrator. Her last title in an international school was the Academic and Curriculum Director (K-12).

In universities, she worked in GSE at AUC for the PED Program in the capacity of Associate Director of the program. Mrs. Naglaa has earned several professional graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates related to education form.

She is also a frequent participant in international educational conferences and professional development programs. She has carried out intensive research in the field of principals and teachers' preparation and professional development

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