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At AMS we provide three types of activities; all of which are carried out during the school day without any extra fees:

1- Curricular Activities:

A very important aspect of the classroom instruction is implementing relevant activities that support students' exploration and problem solving. For example: Arts and Crafts, instructional games, classroom/Laboratory experiments, scientific observations, listening activities, role plays, making different charts and models are all curricular activities that support and enhance the learning process.

2- Cross-Curricular Activities:

We believe that learning should be relevant; students need to see knowledge as interdependent and connected rather than as individual, isolated subjects. At AMS we develop fun and motivating activities that relate the learning outcomes of different subjects together. For example; Science is integrated into English, Arts or Health & Physical Education activities. Math is integrated with Science, or English activities.

3- Extra-Curricular Activities:

We provide various extra-curricular activities for Kindergarten, indicated in the students' daily schedule:

• Art (2 Sessions/week)

• Music (2 Sessions/week)

• PE. (2 Sessions/week)

• ICT (1 to 2 Session/week)

• Quran (2 Sessions/week)

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