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Students Support

Because each student learn in a different way and at different pace, we provide several services like Academic Counseling, Intervention programs and Enrichment programs to accommodate for different students' academic level

Counseling Service

Students’ behavior and work are observed regularly in the classrooms by our school psychologist to detect any potential problems. The school psychologist may apply brief developmental evaluations to individual students. Parents will be contacted before applying any formal evaluations to their child.

If a concern arises, the school’s psychologist will contact parents, and jointly, parents and the school develop a course of action to help the child. If there is a delay in a developmental area, parents will receive a series of suggestions on how to support their child at home. Social and emotional concerns are dealt with by helping parents with their parenting skills and, in some cases; individual classroom behavior programs are designed.

No in-depth learning or emotional therapy is conducted as part of the school’s support services. On occasion, counseling and/or an evaluation are recommended.

If parents have concerns about their child’s development and/or behavior, they are encouraged to contact our school psychologist to discuss these issues.

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