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AMS Vision

Our philosophy . . .

We are a group of like-minded professional educators who strive to improve the quality of education in the national system with a clear vision and purpose in mind; "Every Student Deserves Quality Education"

Despite the restrictions of the national education system, we aim to realize a school model that caters for different types of learners and focuses on building students' skills and potentials rather than targeting content and teaching to the test.

Our Vision . . .

We believe that young learners should be given more time to explore and investigate natural phenomena and life manifestations as questionable ideas not as predefined facts. And thus develop their critical thinking skills in the process of deducing their own sets of evidence based facts. While teachers act only as facilitators; students collaborate to use the knowledge they acquired in real life applications. This makes learning relevant, enhances their creativity and develops the essential life skills they need to pursue their diverse careers in future.

This vision of Inquiry Based Learning can be achieved through:

• Integrating curricula especially in early grades to emphasis the basic concepts

• Effectively Implementing Curricular Activities

• Integrating Technology

• Using Blended Learning tools to provide personalized feedback to students

Our Commitments . . .

Being totally dedicated to our cause, we are committed to implement different school models using research on best practices, cognitive, behavioral, and cooperative learning approaches. Our first and foremost objective is to develop and nurture our students' critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills.

Our Mission is to ..

• Provide learning activities that enhance students' exploration, inquiry based learning as well as their ethical and social development.

• Create and Foster a school culture of innovation, creativity, collaboration and respect

• Promote and use up-to-date technology and education theories in teaching, learning, professional development and evaluation.

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